Home News “I Don’t Care” Arrogant MP Osoro Threatens to Shoot As Many Kenyans as Possible

“I Don’t Care” Arrogant MP Osoro Threatens to Shoot As Many Kenyans as Possible

Silvanus Osoro warns Kenyans who may be thinking of storming his home just because he voted for the Finance Bill 2024, which was rejected by President William Ruto a few days ago.

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Kenyans have once again been left wondering what is that is bothering the Kenya Kwanza loyalists, who have continued to exhibit pride and arrogance days after Pres William Ruto in his own capacity announced that he has withdrawn the Finance Bill 2024 that saw hundrends of Kenyans shot dead, properties worth millions of Money destroyed during Gen Z demos.

This is after South Mugirango Member of Parliament Hon Silvanus Osoro via WhatsApp group conversation (screenshot) that has gone viral has been captured saying that he will openly shoot anyone who will attempt to storm his home in Kisii as it has been the trend.

In his own words, the vocal MP who is a dalliance to the Pres William Ruto openly affirmed that people will collect hundrends of bodies should they think of nearing his home in Kisii.

MP Silvanus Osoro during a past event

MP Silvanus Osoro during a past event

Nevertheless, the message by by MP Osoro to Kenyans comes amid the backdrop of reports and concern that those in power have been drunk with power and they molojnger see the need to maintain soberness

A few days ago before Pres William Ruto cancelled the Finance Bill 2024, the Kikuyu Member of Parliament Hon Kimani Ichungwa claimed that he had done his own investigation and found that those staging demos in various places in the Courtney were children from the rich families.

Ichung’wah went on to claim that many of those staging demos were being dropped by Uber taxis were taking lunch from big hotels.

Other MPs who expressed arrogance are Dagoretti MP Hon MP KJ John who claimed that the pics trending on social media showing Gen Staging demos were been photoshopped by some people who wanted to create a perception that Pres William Ruto and his KK administration have lost touch with the ground.

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