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Next Governor Or Deputy? Speculations Rife As Agnes Kagure Shares Details Of Meeting With Sonko

Agnes Kagure and Mike Sonko met on Tuesday evening

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Business Woman Agnes Kagure and former Nairobi Gov aspirant has today left Kenyans speculating whether she d could be  planning to be the next Governor  or Deputy Governor of Nairobi County.

social media post featuring a photo with the charismatic former Governor of Nairobi, Mike Sonko, has sparked conversations about potential political alliances ahead of the 2027 elections.

“Catching up with my good friend, Mjamo Mike Sonko,” has intrigued many. The former governor, known for his jovial nature, reflected on the past elections and the lessons learned. He drew an analogy with a recent football match between Manchester City and Liverpool, which ended in a 1-1 draw, suggesting that setbacks are merely opportunities to regroup and come back stronger,” part of the post read.

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Governor Sonko praised the former aspirant’s efforts in advancing women’s empowerment in finance and leadership. He pledged to support these initiatives through his SRT foundation, reinforcing his commitment to social progress.

Already, Sonko also hinted at a possible political comeback. He expressed his intent to answer the president’s call for inclusive leadership by considering a joint ticket with a formidable and visionary female leader for his next political endeavor, should the opportunity arise. Stay tuned as we follow this developing story and its implications for the future of Nairobi’s governance.Agnes Kagure Kariuki Biography; Net Worth, Foundation, Education, Real Name And Husband - ABTC

“The ever-jovial second governor of Nairobi shared that it was while Manchester City played against Liverpool recently that he got a full recollection of the 2022 elections and how we differently went through frustrations. He concluded that after the 1-1 draw from the match, he got the realization that competing and not wining isn’t the end but rather, a pause to strategize and win in a mightier way. Governor Sonko also expressed his admiration for the progress I’m making to empower women in finance and leadership, and committed to enhance women empowerment projects through his SRT foundation, Agnes Kagure wrote on Twitter.

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