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Edwin Sifuna Accuses David Ndii Of Misleading Ruto

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Ruto ally David Ndii

President William Ruto’s Council of Economic Advisors Chair David Ndii‘s is giving the President away on matters economy revival.

This is according to Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Secretary General Edwin Sifuna, while reacting to Ndii’s latest remarks about the economy.

He says that with Ndii admitting that Ruto might not save the situation despite his campaign promises, he is telling Kenyans not to harbour any hope.

Sifuna believes that this is Ndii exposing that Ruto has been engaging in guesswork and does not really know what to do on reviving the economy.

“It’s really hard not to like David Ndii. He is confirming to you that kenya kwanza is a pata potea government. That it’s all guesswork. “Doctor” ruto has no clue what he’s doing. Kenya is the patient here. Anawaambia mnaenda kufa (he is telling you you are headed for death),” he said in a tweet on Friday.

This is after Ndii, also in a tweet, said that Ruto might be good, but that does not mean Kenyans should fully believe that he can make things better.

He likened him to a doctor, pointing out that even the best trained ones lose patients, with Sifuna observing that the patients here are Kenyans.

“I’m not a politician. I don’t sell hope. It is going to be painful. And it may not work. Even Oxford and Havard trained doctors lose patients,” he said.

This comes as Kenyans continue to suffer despite Ruto’s campaign assurances that things will get better a short while after he takes over.

Cost of living has also remained an issue, with prices of basic commodities like fuel going up, on top of the additional taxes being regularly introduced.

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