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Minor Dies After Wrong Injection At Equity Afia, Family Seeks Justice

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Equity Afia

In a heart-wrenching case that has shocked the nation, the untimely demise of baby Leticia at Equity Afia Lodwar Clinic has once again highlighted the dire consequences of medical negligence.

It is an alarming reminder of the urgent need for justice and accountability within the healthcare system.

The clinic’s refusal of an out-of-court settlement and its attempts to silence the grieving family with a meager sum of KSh 1 million only add insult to injury.

It is imperative that we raise our collective voice in advocating for justice in this devastating case.

Baby Leticia’s story is a tragic one that no parent should ever have to endure.

In the care of Equity Afya Lodwar Clinic, a facility trusted with the well-being of countless patients, the life of an innocent child was needlessly cut short due to negligence.

The details of the case reveal a shocking disregard for proper medical procedures and a failure to provide the necessary care that could have saved her life.

Call for Accountability
It is the solemn duty of healthcare providers to prioritize the welfare and safety of their patients. In the case of baby Leticia, Equity Afya Lodwar Clinic failed in this fundamental duty.

Such negligence should not go unpunished, as it not only causes immeasurable harm to individuals but also erodes public trust in the healthcare system.

Justice for Baby Leticia means holding the clinic and its staff accountable for their actions, and ensuring that those responsible face the full consequences of their negligence.

It is disheartening to see that the clinic has refused an out-of-court settlement, which suggests an unwillingness to accept responsibility for their actions and compensate the grieving family justly.

Equity Afya Lodwar Clinic’s attempt to silence the bereaved family with a mere KSh 1 million settlement is nothing short of an insult.

This paltry sum not only fails to acknowledge the magnitude of their loss but also undermines the value of human life.

It is an affront to justice and a clear demonstration of the clinic’s disregard for the emotional and financial toll inflicted upon the family.

Equity Afia

The grieving family deserves compassion, support, and a fair resolution to their plight. Their pain should not be silenced or diminished through a mere financial transaction.

Their cries for justice must be heard and addressed, and the responsible parties must be held accountable for their negligence.

As a society, we must stand in solidarity with baby Leticia’s family and demand justice. We cannot allow such cases of negligence to be swept under the rug or settled for an inadequate sum.

By advocating for justice, we send a strong message that the lives of innocent individuals are not expendable and that medical professionals must be held to the highest standards of care.

“That the minor was injected with Potassium Chloride Concentrate is not in doubt. This can also be confirmed from the statements that the responsible persons have recorded with the DCI and CCTV footage obtained from the facility,” said Shadrack Muyesu, the managing partner at SM&M Advocates.

Firstly, the concerned authorities, including the medical board and the judicial system, must thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding baby Leticia’s tragic death.

Any individuals found responsible for negligence must face appropriate legal consequences to ensure justice is served.

Secondly, it is crucial to raise awareness about the importance of patient rights and the need for stringent oversight in healthcare facilities.

By supporting and strengthening medical regulatory bodies, we can ensure that negligence cases like these are prevented, and the safety and well-being of patients are prioritized.

The tragedy of baby Leticia’s untimely death at Equity Afya Lodwar Clinic demands our attention and action.

We must not allow negligence to be brushed aside, nor should we accept a mere pittance as compensation for such a devastating loss.

The pursuit of justice for baby Leticia is a fight for accountability, integrity, and the safeguarding.

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