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Silvanus Osoro Left With Egg Face Hours After Senate Delivered a Landmark Ruling on DG Monda

A few weeks ago, MP Osoro openly bragged and dared County Assembly to Impeach DG Monda Saying he would save him from senate and return him home with a motorcade.

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National Assembly Minority Whip Silvanus Osoro on March 14 faced a significant political setback after the Senate’s landmark ruling on Deputy Governor Monda’s impeachment. Despite Osoro’s confident assertions at a Kisii rally that the Senate would overturn any impeachment, the Senate upheld the decision with an overwhelming majority of 35 out of 47 senators voting against Monda.

The political landscape was shaken as Osoro, a close ally of President Ruto, was left grappling with the repercussions of his earlier statements. Weeks prior, Osoro had boldly challenged the county assembly to proceed with the impeachment, assuring that the Senate would intervene in Monda’s favor. His promise of a triumphant return for Monda, complete with a celebratory convoy, was dashed, leaving his political credibility in question.

My rise from street boy in city centre to MP – Nairobi News

Silvanus Osoro the MP for South Mugirango addressing the media

The Senate’s decision marks a pivotal moment, asserting its independence and willingness to act decisively. This outcome sends a clear message that political bravado and public challenges can backfire, even for those with perceived influence and power.

As the dust settles, the focus now shifts to the implications of this ruling for Monda’s political career and Osoro’s standing within the party. The incident serves as a cautionary tale for politicians to weigh their words carefully and respect the autonomy of legislative bodies.

This development is likely to have far-reaching effects on the political dynamics within the region and could potentially reshape alliances and strategies leading up to future elections. Observers are keenly watching the aftermath, as it may redefine political accountability and governance in the days to come.

Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda Impeached by Senate - Tuko.co.ke

Immediate Kisii Deputy Governor Dr Robert Monda speaking during Senate Ouster hearing

“As the House makes a determination, I will repeat what I said earlier that the kind of scenery that this House was put through yesterday and today, as a person I am embarrassed and utterly unhappy about the situation we are in.”- Dr Robert Monda said

Monda’s impassioned plea, however, was not enough to sway the Senate, which ultimately voted in favor of his impeachment and removal from office.

However, Kisii County Senator Richard Onyonka said that the issues seen in the senate are a consequence of the failure of Kisii County.

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