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Luos advised to pursue politics of interests

by Guest Editor
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For far too long the Luos have been driven by personality based politics which has affected them in various way

The luos are being told that development comes from appropriations in parliament,not the state house and this justifies the political harassment and vilification of the few Luo members of parliament getting an upper hand from the state house

On the other hand, every five years, the Luos troop to the ballot with the hope of winning the presidency, around which time the presidency becomes more important than parliament.

On election year among the Luos, any scoundrel can get the party ticket to parliament because they’ll merely be helpers up there.

Voter apathy starts at the point when we can’t decide on which narrative the people must keep in their minds.

One reason voter turnout will continue being a challenge in our region is the conflicting narratives on the importance of the presidency in between elections, and on election year.

In an African country like Kenya, the power of the presidency in slicing and distributing the national cake cannot be underrated. Communities that take the presidency for granted live to regret it. I know this because I come from one such community.

Yes, appropriation happens in parliament, but each year, billions of legally unappropriated money is spent by the executive, who only return to parliament to regularize such expenditures in supplementary budgets.

We supposed our leaders using all means to get us the national cake.

Those who can get it from parliament should do so. Those who can get it from State House should do so. Those who can get it from parliament and State House at the same time are even more welcome.

This situation among the Luos should be handled by the able leaders from the region.The Luos should pursue politics of interests and abandon identity or personality based politics.

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