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Kenyans Warned Against Contributing Money To Ruto’s Housing Fund

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Kenyans have no reason to believe that President William Ruto will deliver on his cheap housing program proposal, former Mukurweini Member of Parliament Kabando Wa Kabando has said.

Under the Housing Fund proposal, Ruto wants Kenyans to contribute 3 percent of their salary towards the project, after which they will receive housing units built by the state.

But Kabando has warned Kenyans that they will finally lose their money, saying that this is just another of the promises Ruto has been giving only to turn around when the implementation time comes.

In a tweet, he has said that it will end just like the cheaper maize flour, cheaper cost of living and Mama mboga government promises Ruto made, and which he is no longer keen on keeping.

“Ruto’s Housing tax is similar to his “in 100 days free Internet, 1000 dams, Galana Kulalu food, Sh100 Unga, Lower stima, Cheaper fuel, Serikali ya Mama Mboga, UHC, Devolved health, 100% Free school feeding, obeying court orders, State Capture inquiry, Police pay raise and Arizona diplomas” promises,” he has said in a tweet.

This comes at a time when the government is having a hard time explaining to Kenyans why they should be part of the program, as some wonder why the government is forcing it on the people.

Yesterday, Housing and Urban Development Principal Secretary Charles Hinga said that the contribution has been made mandatory to entice partners who will help with the construction job.

“Some of you are asking why can’t we make this voluntary? But when it is driven by law, if I’m going to get a billion a month, it means I can go out there and call investors and tell them that as long as the law is there, I will be collecting money after three years,” he told journalists at State House.

Ruto has held that the fund seeks to avail cheap houses to Kenyans while at the same time addressing the slum issue.

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