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How Kenya kwanza government is determined to loot the country to death for 10 years

by Guest Editor
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Kenya Kwanza government is full of liars and corrupted individuals determined to milk taxpayers completely. Recently,in a church, DP Gachagua was loud explaining how President William Ruto should get ten more years to implement their fake manifestos.

To Gachagua, William Ruto has not been able to deliver because of inheriting a debilitated economy. This is a pure lie. William Ruto was part and parcel of the previous government that looted the economy to death.

We are talking about a government that cannot find and or arrest mega thieves who just now are enjoying Sh. 17 billion of taxpayer money they used to buy rotten cooking oil.

Chances are that the big thieves on the cooking oils scam actually never bought any oil but just took the money from the Treasury because a huge robbery of Kenyan money and that can only be done through President William Ruto.

The current government has clearly betrayed Kenyans by failing to fulfill what they promised during their campaigns.

There has been an increase in university fees during the recent past which has made some students from humble backgrounds fail to further their education.

There has been hiking up of fuel and commodities prices and the regime shamelessly told Kenyans to prepare for tough economic times ahead.

The statement made by the Dp Gachagua is a clear indication of a tyrannic and self centered leaders who are about to tear Kenya’s economy apart.

The government should focus on what is supposed to be achieved before the end of their regime rather than giving lame excuses to kenyans

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