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Last Moments Of Paul Gicheru, ICC Man Who Died Mysteriously

Paul Gicheru's death was confirmed on 26th September, 2022

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Paul Gicheru at ICC

Police have confirmed the death of Lawyer Paul Gicheru amidst rising claims of poisoning. The lawyer is facing charges of witness interference in president William Ruto’s case at the International Criminal Court, ICC.

In widespread reports attributed to the police, Paul Gicheru was headed to bed after lunch but at dusk, his family was shocked he wasn’t up yet. Upon checking on him, they found foam coming out of his mouth, lying there dead. It is alleged that his son was also taken ill and admitted. Doctors are monitoring him.

However, the police are yet to conclusively ascertain whether Gicheru was poisoned as reports alleged. A preliminary report is set to be released, with investigations commencing immediately after police were notified of his demise.

Paul Gicheru

Late lawyer Paul Gicheru

Gicheru, who is facing witness interference charges at the ICC, was said to have headed to bed immediately after eating lunch and his family was alarmed that he was yet to wake up at dusk.

A report filed at Karen Police Station claimed that he was found emitting foam from his mouth, raising claims that he was poisoned.

His son, who was also said to be a victim of the incident was rushed to a hospital in Nairobi for first aid. Reports alleged that doctors were monitoring his situation.

The family is yet to issue a statement but sources closer to his kin claim that a representative will address the media on Tuesday, September 27.

Death of other ICC Witnesses Before Paul Gicheru

The sudden demise of Paul Gicheru comes nearly two months after Christopher Koech, a key witness in the ICC case died under unclear circumstances.

The Kakhunga Primary School teacher allegedly disappeared after driving to the school based in Mumias, Kakamega, on Sunday, July 16. His lifeless body was later to be found lying next to his motorbike in Shibuli market in the county.

He was reportedly sweating profusely with foam forming in his mouth too. The teacher passed away days before flying to the Hague to testify in lawyer Paul Gicheru’s ICC case.

Paul Gicheru surrendered to the ICC in November 2020 after he was wanted for witness tampering in cases against William Ruto, Kenya’s current President, and former journalist Joshua Sang.

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