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Kisii Drama As Ruto’s Rally Is Stormed By Bodaboda Riders Lifting Them In Air Over Economic Crisis

DP Ruto forced to calm down Bodaboda riders who complained of hiked petrol prices

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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A daring Bodaboda man today drew the attention of Deputy President William Ruto after storming the DP’s campaign gathering in Nyamira County’s Nyakoria, West Mugirango Constituency, on his motorcycle.

As DP Ruto was speaking on young employment, the man who was being helped by two other men to carry the bike invaded the event, forcing Ruto to interrupt his speech and implore him to remain calm.

“Tumekuwa tukiongea mambo ya ajira miaka nenda miaka rudi. But this time, we must have a deliberate plan to create jobs for millions of young people because they are jobless and because they are languishing in poverty or, either they do not have money to do business or have jobs they cannot depend on,” Ruto added before spotting the youthful man carrying the motorbike moving towards him.

Ruto motioned for the man to come to a halt since he was distracting the gathering who were listening to him.

“Tafadhali Wewe mtu wa Bodaboda ngojea hapo. Please ngojea hapo (Please the Bodaboda guy wait there. Please wait),” Ruto told the man before continuing with his speech.


Ruto asks for support from small-scale entrepreneurs

Ruto then encouraged the gathering not to listen to those who say Bodaboda and other small-scale enterprises are unimportant, promising to assist them if he wins the election in August.

DP Ruto went ahead saying that it is their responsibility to help Kenyans. He asked the residents of Kisii to leave alone those who spread the devil’s gospel that Bodaboda is nonsense. He went ahead and recalled what Raila said recently that they will close down Mitumba business.

Despite drawing close to DP Ruto during the talks, the purpose for the man storming the meeting on his bike remained unknown. However, this follows an increase in fuel costs across the country. The man appears to have been demanding something from Ruto.

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