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Cherargei, Sakaja Clash On Need For Ruto-Raila Handshake

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Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja should be the one to shake Azimio La Umoja leader Raila Odinga’s hand now that he seems very keen on such, Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has said.

Sakaja has been very passionate about talks between the two, now that they are in a verbal war, as each accuses the other of making life hard for Kenyans.

He has repeatedly asked them to soften their hearts for the sake of Kenyans and consult, remarks that have been seen as a suggestion that the two principals should have a handshake.

Cherargei has said that this will not happen and they will not allow Raila anywhere near the Head of State, telling Sakaja that he is free to proceed for a handshake with Raila if he so badly wants it.

“Salaaale! Sakaja Johnson on this you are wrong, Tinga (Raila Odinga) shall not be near our beloved H.E Ruto you can go ahead and do handshake/hand cheque with Tinga alone the way you have done with Azimio-Oka remnants in Kanairo (Nairobi),” the leader, a close ally of Ruto, said on Monday.

This is after Sakaja on Sunday maintained that it is only through dialogue that Kenya can avoid the protests and demonstrations now being planned by Raila as a way of getting Ruto to listen to him.

The county chief warned that the mass action can only worsen the already battered economy, warning of total destruction of the country if leaders hold their ground and refuse to listen to each other.

“There is nothing that can’t be sorted after talks… Let’s not plunge the country into a crisis. It is very easy to destroy but not build. The economy is tough and people are struggling and when we are picking up I think its time we talk and think of other ways because we are one country,” he said.

Ruto has repeatedly declared that there will not be a handshake between him and Raila, as Raila too states that he is not interested in one.

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