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Jacque Maribe Faces Life Imprisonment As Court Orders for Her Arrest

Jacque Maribe and her lover Joseph Irungu faces life imprisonment

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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The former Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe and her alleged lover Joseph Irungu, otherwise known as Jowie, faces life imprisonment following the fresh forensic photographic evidence as presented by chief investigator Maxwell Otieno which placed Jowie at the crime scene on the day Monica Kimani was murdered.

Jacque Maribe’s lawyer Mr. Hassan Nandwa told the court on Wednesday, 13th July, 2022 that his client, Jacque Maribe, had fallen ill and hospitalized at Imenti Medical Hospital.

“As indicated earlier, she has been appearing in court without fail and has been traumatised by this case. Give her a benefit of the doubt” Lawyer Hassan Nandwa told the court.

However, the case’s prosecutor Wangui Gichuhi ruled that there were no documents asserting that Maribe had been hospitalized and ordered for her immediate arrest.

“We sympathise with her position but it has put us in a difficult position because no document in relation to the illness or the manner of treatment” said prosecutor Wangui Gichuhi.

Jowie and Maribe’s case hearing was postponed yesterday to 18th July, 2022.

Jowie, who is the prime suspect in businesswoman Monica Kimani’s murder case is believed to have colluded with the former TV anchor Jacque Maribe to execute the murder of Monica Kimani.

Monica’s lifeless and mutilated body was found in a bathroom with the head chopped off. It is believed that Jowie, her lover was the last person to be with the late Kimani on the day she was murdered.

Maxwell Otieno, chief investigator into the case told the court that Jowie was drove off at around 11pm in Jacque Maribe’s car to a club in Westlands.


Jacque Maribe

The case seems to have pounced the two suspects in Kimani’s murder and there might be chances of Maribe spending lifetime date at Lang’ata Women prison while as Jowie books a new residence at Industrial Area Prison.

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