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Never Seen Before Photos of Gospel Artiste Mary Lincon

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Kikuyu singer Mary Lincoln who’s currently embroiled in controversy looks pepper hot in this collection of her sumptuous photos.

Mary Lincoln was married and later on divorced then got ringed again by Njogu Njoroge, the famous radio presenter associated with Kameme FM.

Njogu Wa Njoroge and Mary Lincon have children from their previous relationships. They all co-parent and in blended families.

Mary Lincoln is a gospel music singer and songwriter who sings in the Kikuyu dialect.

Her intimate photos leaked and went viral leaving her whole life hanging by a thread and her music career in total jeopardy.

Mary Lincoln has however asked for forgiveness from family, friends and fans after the incident.

The beautiful singer also asked for prayers to cleanse the outcomes of her life going forward.

Kenyans have been discussing what could have gone wrong resulting to the steamy photos leaking.

Here is a collection of Mary Lincoln’s hottest photos:


Mary Lincon


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