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Hannah Benta Defends Baba T Over Claims of Misusing Brian Chira’s Money

At somepoint, the celebrated TikToker said Baba Talisha is ready to payback any kenyan who thinks his or her money was spent in the wrong way.

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Hannah Benta, the celebrated Kenyan TikToker has come out guns blazing to defend Baba Talisha over allegations he misused the money Kenyans allegedly contributed towards the burial of the late TikToker Brian Chira whose death remains to be a mystery despite attempts by the Baba Talisha and allies to convince Kenyans Chira died as a result of road accident along Ndenderu-Kiambu road.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Obinna show where she appeared to be economical with truth in regards to everything surrounding Brian Chira’s Death, Hanna Benta at some point appeared to be irked when Obinna asked her to comment or rather respond to claims that Brian Chira burial money was spent in the wrong way.

Brian Chira: TikTok star's funeral left Kenyans shocked

Late TikToker Brian Chira

“To be sincere Obinna some Kenyans are determined to ensure that Baba Talisha sinks … depression.  When they say that Brian Chira’smoney was eaten. What exactly do they mean? Is there any single Kenyan who contributed to the burial? If there is any, we would like to see him or her and refund the money then.

“According to me, all the money that was contributed is safe, it has never been used. The money used in Brian Chira’s burial was paid by one and only King Roso who isn’t known. The burial budget was Kshs 850,000,” Hannah Benta said during an exclusive interview a few hours ago.

Kenyans react to Brian Chira's sudden death

Brian Chira posses for a photo during a past incident

At some point, the irked Hanna Benta dared Kenyans to text her, or Baba Talisha with the amount each contributed towards the burial of Brian Chira adding that their money if indeed it is true it funded.

About their alleged romantic relationship with Baba Talisha, Hanna Bentah maintains that she is married to a rich husband and wouldn’t want to wreck her marriage because of social media rumors She openly claimed that even Baba T doesn’t know where she lives…..

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