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Gachagua Reveals Kiraitu Murungi’s Plan To Use Matiang’i And DCI Boss Kinoti To Bag Meru Votes

Rigathi Gachagua speaks Kiraitu Murungi's alleged tactic to use police to force people vote for him

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The political battlefield has grown exceedingly crowded, and the race to see who can amass the greatest votes and power has accelerated. The situation is gradually deteriorating, and Raila appears to be proving difficult to sell in some regions of Mt. Kenya. Gachagua was in Meru today, where he informed the public of Kiraitu Murungi’s plans with DCI chairman George Kinoti and Matiang’i.

He said that Kiraitu Murungi had devised a scheme with Kinoti and Matiang’i to compel them to vote for him in August.

” Tulikuwa na Kiraitu Murungi akasema ati amepeleka nyinyi Azimio. Ati anasema yeye atatafuta Matiang’i, Kinoti alafu alete polisi walazimishe nyinyi kumpigia kura, ” Gachagua inquired from the people.


People could be heard saying “Hapanaa,” which means “No,” when Rigathi Gachagua made these assertions. They claimed that this is a baseless accusation and that no one will force them to vote for anyone.


Rigathi Gachagua was led to Meru county by a group of Kenya Kwanza leaders, where they visited with Meru villagers. Linturi welcomed Gachagua into Meru County, where they were able to assess the situation on the ground. He offered an off-the-cuff query regarding anyone who would vote for DP Ruto. Almost the entire crowd raised their hands in response to Rigathi Gachagua’s inquiry.

They did this while cheering him up and letting him know that they had made their decision. This is only the start of a new political journey, as evidence suggests that DP Ruto has really climbed Mt. Kenya. Looking around, it was clear that a large number of people had gathered to hear DP Ruto’s running mate.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that the people of Kenya Kwanza live due of DP Ruto, Linturi has continued to face hostility in the county. The Azimio man who is battling him is a formidable opponent.

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