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Gachagua Reveals Action He’ll Take Against Officers Uhuru Sent To Humiliate Him

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Rigathi Gachagua

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has reiterated his earlier claims about some of the things he underwent before taking up the number two seat.


He was then in bad books with former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government, and claimed to have gone through a lot, including public humiliation and unnecessary arrests.
Gachagua has claimed that he was indeed mistreated on Uhuru’s orders, including being arrested and undressed before his wife, children and workers in one of his homes.

He has, however, announced that he has forgiven the police officers who did that to him, and that he will not be seeking revenge. He has suggested that they will be allowed to continue serving.

“Even the 50 police officers who were sent by Uhuru to arrest me in my house during which they undressed me in front of my wife and children, then called my workers to take pictures, I forgive them,” he said in Uasin Gishu on Sunday, reports The Star.

The former Mathira MP said that the same goes to the state officers who harassed him and President William Ruto during their campaigns.

He also told off the bosses of state agencies who have been correcting him in public, noting that the knows what he is saying and will continue doing it.

“Now, some of them want to argue with us when we say that the institution is on its knees yet it is in the public domain. When we say so, you oppose that it has not, yet you are the chairman, then tell us why,” he is further quoted.

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