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Gachagua Accused of Inadvertently Building Raila’s Political Capital

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Raila with Gachagua

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is unknowingly building ODM leader Raila Odinga’s name up, which could work for Raila in the 2027 general election, political analyst Michael Ndonye has observed.

Gachagua has been seen repeatedly attacking the former Prime Minister in recent days, amid criticism and calls for him to focus on more pressing matters now that the election season is over.

Ndonye says that while some might not notice it, Gachagua is actually giving the leader the popularity he needs to remain relevant, as attacks from a man of his level do carry a lot of weight politically.

He notes that Gachagua is unknowingly building Raila’s name up, which could actually hand him the popularity he needs in the event he is planning on again trying his luck in the presidential race.


Rigathi Gachagua

“If the gods plan to have Raila in 2027, they will populate every significant person in this country with his name. Many of us do not know that praises and criticism are both irresistible clout boosters. Raila is not a Gen-Z or Gen-Alpha to chase influence by himself—someone must do it for Baba consciously or unconsciously, and that is where Riggy G comes in,” the senior don at the Kabarak University writes in The Standard.

He argues that therefore, allies and supporters of Raila should not be angry when Gachagua and other Kenya Kwanza leaders attack their leader.

For him, this could be God’s way of finally handing the veteran politician the presidency, by first giving him the popularity he needs to secure the throne.

“The conclusion of this matter is simple: Just like Azimio la Umoja created Ruto unknowingly towards August 2022, the deputy president and others in Kenya Kwanza government will keep the spirit of Raila alive. That should be good news for those who love Baba,” he further writes.

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