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Uhuru’s Bodyguard Spotted Guarding Martha Karua In A Rally

Uhuru's longest serving bodyguard spotted serving Martha Karua

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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Political tension has gradually continued to gain wild momentum the more we near the fourth coming elections which are to take place in two months’ time.

As this happens, the four main aspiring presidential candidates cleared for the 2022 race including DP William Ruto for UDA, ODM leader Raila Odinga, Roots Party candidate George Wajackoyah and Agano Party leader David Mwaure have been provided with a high-security detail to ensure their safety as they hit the ground for rigorous campaigns ahead of the 9th August General elections.

Uhuru's bodyguard Arocho Otunga

Their running mates have also been allocated security officers as they head to different parts of the country for various campaign trails. However, some of them have been spotted with their personal bodyguards who are keen and on the extra lookout to ensure their boss is safe.

For example, one of President Uhuru’s longest-serving bodyguards, Billy Arocho Otunga, has been seen in various Azimio campaigns providing security to Raila’s running partner Martha Karua.

Many Kenyans believe he was appointed to the squad by Uhuru, who has expressed support for Raila’s bid for power as a result of their growing political affinity.

Otunga posted a photo of himself strolling closely behind Karua in Mombasa during the 70th Anniversary of Maendeleo Ya Wanawake celebrations to his Facebook page, with the caption:

“In the line of duty. Glory to Almighty God.” His post has elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans across different sides of the political divide.

The ground is gradually shifting and various politicians are investing their maximum support into their top candidates in order to ensure they are guaranteed of 2022 race.

However, they have equal chances of winning or losing and everyone should sufficiently brace for this.

The ground seems to be gradually getting tough on some politicians who are actually struggling to find a way to beat opponents.

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