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Cornered Chebukati Hires Record 26 Law Firms In Supreme Court Petition

Azimio's Raila Odinga petitioned declaration of Ruto as president-elect by Chebukati

by Isaac Odhiambo Snr
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IEBC Wafula Chebukati sends all signals of a cornered man fast-running out of options following the litany of petitions against the 2022 presidential election where he controversially declared William Ruto as the winner of the presidential vote and consequently, Kenya’s president-elect.

Chebukati’s controversial declaration came in the wake of an abruptly disconnected tallying of the results on the main screens, disagreements with Azimio’s chief agents, chaos at Bomas of Kenya, and dissent by four IEBC Commissioners who declared the results opaque and one which they would not take ownership of.

As expected, the contested results announced by Chebukati ended at the Supreme Court of Kenya with several petitioners praying that the court nullifies the results. Among prayers sought in the petitions include the criminal prosecution of Wafula Chebukati for knowingly bungling the elections to favor William Ruto.


IEBC Chair Wafula Chebukati and Vice Chair Juliana Cherera at a past meeting

Earlier on, an arrogant Chebukati walked out of a multi-agency technical committee on election preparedness, cutting the figure of a man confident in going solo, but he now finds himself at pains to explain why he declined help from other government agencies in delivering a free and fair election and still went ahead to bungle the same election.

Even with the petitions and their likely rulings hanging over his head like the Sword of Damocles, Chebukati has beat all records by hiring a record 26 law firms to defend the commission he heads, IEBC. Interestingly, among the 26 Law Firms are Four law firms specially dedicated to defending from criminal prosecution. How hilarious!

Taxpayers’ money to defend personal criminal acts by Chebukati?

According to social media strategist Pauline Njoroge, Chebukati’s decision to enlist a shocking 26 law firms to defend his conduct of the election is an admission of guilt in itself. While IEBC is entitled to legal representation, a record-breaking 26 law firms with tens of lawyers is an excess play by Chebukati that points to subtle admission of guilt and fear of legal consequences.

Pauline Njoroge wrote,

IEBC has done a crazy thing that has never been heard of before. It has appointed a total of 22 law firms for the Supreme Court case. In addition Chebukati has appointed 4 law firms to represent him, and these will also be paid by the commission, meaning tax payers money. In such a petition, it usually costs about ksh 100 million to hire one law firm. Do the math for 26 law firms.
If Chebukati is confident that he did what was required of him to deliver a free, fair and verifiable election, why does he need 26 law firms, not 26 lawyers, but 26 law firms to defend him? The guilty are very much afraid and clearly no resources will be spared.

What are your thoughts on Chebukati’s latest moves?


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