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Cracks in Azimio As Kalonzo Exposes What Karua Is Secretly Doing

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Martha Karua, leader of Narc Kenya, has responded to her Wiper counterpart, Kalonzo Musyoka’s remarks on the Kamwene outfit.


Karua has questioned what about Kamwene is unnerving Musyoka to the extent that he consistently incorporates it into various conversations.


The exchange has unfolded after Kalonzo, during an interview on KTN News, dismissed Kamwene as a dead-on-arrival idea within the political spectrum.


He criticized it as a flawed political philosophy, urging the leaders associated with Kamwene, particularly Karua, to abandon the concept and align with Azimio.


He suggested that Karua is trying to use the group as a branch of Azimio, to benefit herself politically, terming this a bad idea that should be abandoned.


“I don’t want to pass judgement on that issue but have you heard of things like dead on arrival? This thing means individualism. It’s a terrible political philosophy. I would advice my friends to leave it and we stick together in Azimio,” Kalonzo said.


Karua, undeterred by Kalonzo’s critique, has posed a counter question on the motives behind constantly dragging Kamwene into discussions.


“What about Kamwene scares my brother Kalonzo Musyoka that he must drag it in every conversation he has?” Karua posed on X on Wednesday.



Despite Kalonzo’s assertions, the Kamwene group has vehemently affirmed its allegiance to Azimio, emphasizing their commitment to the unity of Mount Kenya and the region’s concerns within the Opposition coalition.


During a pivotal meeting gathering delegates from the 10 Mt Kenya counties, Kamwene leaders reiterated their dedication to Azimio, emphasizing the outfit’s role as the voice of Mount Kenya.


Former Laikipia Governor Nderitu Muriithi, a prominent figure within Kamwene, stressed that their political endeavour is centered on the region’s interests, boldly asserting their stance in the Republic of Kenya.

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