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Kabando wa Kabando Predicts Ruto’s Unforeseen Downfall

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President William Ruto can be sure that Kenyans are not with him and do not approve of how he is running the country, former Mukurweini Member of Parliament Kabando Wa Kabando has claimed.


The politician, one of Ruto’s leading critics in the Mt Kenya region, says that this is so obvious that even Ruto now knows it, and the fact that he appears indifferent to it makes him very dangerous.


He has told Ruto that even the close allies who are still cheering him and lying to him that he is loved will soon abandon him and join the opposite side, made up of unhappy and tired Kenyans.


“Unless sailing in miasma of self-deceit, Ruto can clearly see that the people are not with him. If he’s not in self-denial, then Rais Ruto means danger to the country. Situation is aggravated by a gluttonous cheering crowd of sycophants. It is NOT well. HOW LONGER CAN IT HOLD?!” he says in a tweet.


Kabando has admitted that even though people like him, who accepted his win despite being in the opposite political camp, still accept him as President, they are worried about how he is behaving at the top.


He added that Ruto is now holding onto anything he can to remain relevant, yet it is in public domain that he enjoys close to zero support among Kenyans after forgetting about the campaign promises he made.


“As constitutionalists believing in rule of law, we easily accepted Ruto’s win even though we voted against him. Inevitably, we duly recognise him as president. However, it is now a national worry that a massively unpopular Ruto is so dangerously desperate, clutching at straws,” he said.

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