Home Politics Babu Owino Lines Up Major Reward For DJ Evolve Following His Acquittal From Shooting Case

Babu Owino Lines Up Major Reward For DJ Evolve Following His Acquittal From Shooting Case

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An elated Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has promised to fly Felix Orinda aka DJ Evolve to India for advanced treatment. Babu made the statement following his acquittal in the protracted case where he was charged with misuse of a firearm.


The lawmaker, flanked by his defence team, expressed his gratitude to the DJ for being a true friend and for trusting in their friendship.


While pledging to fly the entertainer out of the country for specialized treatment, Babu stated that the judgement went according to God’s wishes.


“I want to thank DJ Evolve for being my friend and trusting in our friendship. The judgement has gone the way God wanted it to go. Infact I am planning to take him to India for further treatment,” he said.


In arriving at the judgement, Milimani Senior Principal magistrate Bernard Ochoi said prosecution had failed to prove the case.


The magistrate further accised the investigating officer of doing a ‘shoody job’.


This is after the court heard that the investigating officer failed to record a statement from the DJ.


Further, Orinda had told court he did not see the lawmaker shoot at him at a night club.


“When I met him (Babu Owino), he had no gun at the Club and I never saw a firearm that shot me”.


“I was having conversations and the next thing I was in a vehicle going to the hospital. I did not see where the bullet came from,” Orinda testified earlier on during this case.



The DJ also told the court that Owino has been supporting him since the incident.


“Owino has been supporting me and continues to support me. I have received medical, utility and general well-being support. No other person has come to support me,” he added.


The youthful lawmaker had also undertaken to support Orinda’s medical care and upkeep, together with his family.



The court has further dircted the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to allocate senior officers of the rank of Inspector to investigate such a case in future.


DK Evolve was reported to have shot in a club following an altercation 2020.


He has spend the better part of his life since the incident hospitalised and bed ridden. He also lost his voice, even though reports indicate he has since got it back.


Babu Owino was arrested thereafter, and has been undergoing trial in a case that attracted public scruntiny.

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