Home News Relief To Car Owners In Kirinyaga As Police Arrest Key Car Theft Suspect

Relief To Car Owners In Kirinyaga As Police Arrest Key Car Theft Suspect

The suspect was arrested at a petrol station in Kutus

by Jayden Musembi
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Police in Kirinyaga County have managed to arrest a prime suspect in an increased wave of theft that has been targeting packed vehicles in various towns of Kirinyaga County. Alex Mukindi Ndibaru has been identified as the suspect in the various incidents. He was caught while vandalizing another vehicle at Kutus.

The car was belonging to a local vendor in the area. Alex and his gang were said to have targeted the Kutus-based businessman who owns a petrol station. According to reports from the police, three other suspects managed to escape using a car that was packed near the one that they were vandalizing.

Their decision to escape came minutes after they were found breaking into the car. According to the Sub-County police chief commander, the gang had consistently carried out robberies that have caused vehicle owners sleepless nights.

The police promised that they will continue looking for the other suspects to ensure that they are brought to book. The gang has been targeting major towns and top restaurants in Kirinyaga County.

Police stated that the thieves have been breaking into cars and stealing valuables which include laptops among other valuables like phones and money. Kirinyaga residents led by Tebere MCA have thanked the police officers for their intensified search to ensure that the suspects are all brought to book.

Currently, the suspect is being held at the Kerugoya police station. Residents have urged police officers to continue looking for the other suspects to ensure they are also arrested. Cases of theft and deaths have been increasing in Kirinyaga in the past few weeks.

In the past few weeks, there have been increased death cases in the region, with residents being advised to remain cautious and report individuals who are linked to such crimes. However, police officers have promised to keep an eye on such individuals. Find more articles here. Also read.

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