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Uhuru Kenyatta’s New Statement On Handing Over Sparks Mixed Reactions

Outgoing president Uhuru stated that he would hand over but his leader would be someone else

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has sparked mixed discussions with his latest statement on the handover of power process to the newly elected administration.

Uhuru reiterated his pledge to hand over power peacefully to president-elect William Ruto, whose election was upheld by the Supreme Court after a disputed win.

Speaking during an Azimio parliamentary group at the Maasai Lodge on Wednesday, September 7, Uhuru affirmed that he will pass down the leadership button to Ruto as mandated by the law.

However, he maintained that this did not mean that he supported Ruto, stating that his choice has always been Azimio flagbearer, Raila Odinga, and will remain so.

“I will hand over power smiling because it’s my Constitutional duty but my leader is Baba, Raila Odinga. Politics is not a matter to keep in your pockets,” he stated.

The outgoing President further faulted Kenyans over the decision they made in the August 9 General Election, stating that they denied themselves the opportunity of having a united country.

“You denied yourself an opportunity to bring the country together, you haven’t denied Raila,” the outgoing  Head of State remarked.

President Uhuru had stood out as a fervent supporter of  the former Premier in the just-concluded election and had not shyed away from declaring his open wish for Kenyans to support and stand with the veteran opposition politician.

Uhuru Phone Call With Ruto Over Handing Over

Earlier, president-elect William Ruto had spoken about his phone conversation with the outgoing president.  In a statement, Ruto noted that they discussed the concluded August 9 poll and the transition process as stipulated in the Constitution.

“I had a telephone conversation with my boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta. We discussed the just concluded General Election and the transition as envisaged by our democratic tradition and practice.” Ruto had revealed.

Hours after the Supreme Verdict, Ruto had revealed that he had not spoken to his boss for months but would do so to discuss the transition process.

Ruto uhuru

William Ruto receiving the election certificate from IEBC Chair Wafula Chebukati

“I have not talked to him in months but shortly I will be making a call to him so that we can have a conversation on the process of transition,” he stated.

The president-elect had also thrown a light jibe at the Head of State, stating that despite working hard for his opponent, Raila Odinga, he emerged victorious in the poll.

“I know he worked hard in his way but the people of Kenya made their decision. Remember, I did not give him any conditions to support me, we remain friends, as we have been in the context of where we are.”

The outgoing Deputy President affirmed that he would accord his boss the due respect and privileges as envisaged by law.

“We will respect our president in his retirement. We will give him the respect and dignity of a former head of state deserves. We are honorable people, we are not petty and we are not jealous,” Ruto noted.


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