Home News “Muache Madharau” Mike Sonko Prays for Ruto as He Openly Sends Warning to Ruto’s Aides in Statehouse

“Muache Madharau” Mike Sonko Prays for Ruto as He Openly Sends Warning to Ruto’s Aides in Statehouse

Former Nairobi Governor Hon. Mike Sonko, who previously appeared to be in alignment with the KK administration, now comes out guns blazing to call out Ruto and his allies in State House.

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Barely hours after the Anti-Finance Bill protests were witnessed in at least 35 counties, former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has now taken to Twitter to address the situation. Sonko’s heartfelt post highlighted the widespread involvement of youths, including the children of notable figures, in the protests.

“ATTENTION: ATTENTION: ATTENTION. My good friends in Statehouse, this is a wake-up call to you all. If my own son joined the demo last week and yesterday, Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit’s son joined his Gen Z mates, Hon. Mwangi Kiunjuri’s son, and Nairobi Regional Police Commander Adamson Bungei’s son were also spotted participating in the demos,” Sonko wrote.

He emphasised that many parents across the country had allowed their children to join the protests, signifying deep discontent among the populace.

Sonko prays during a past church event

Sonko prays during a past church event

Also, Sonko noted the significant turnout of young people from various Nairobi estates. He said, “I personally witnessed a large number of teens, male and female, from all Kanairo estates heading to town. They feel it’s their time, their era, and it can’t be stopped. It was the biggest demo in the history of East Africa.”

At the same time, he urged the advisors at the Statehouse, including Farouk Kibet, to shed their arrogance and deceit. He warned that the power truly lies with the people, not in manipulative tactics.

Sonko concluded his post with a heartfelt plea to President William Ruto. “My small advice to my good friend, His Excellency the President, if this country is in your heart and you swore by the Bible in Kasarani to protect us Kenyans through the Kenyan Constitution, then return the Finance Bill 2024 back to the sender in Parliament.”

He ended with a prayer for the nation, seeking God’s guidance and healing for those affected by the protests: “Dear God, thank You for the gift of life and for Your love and kindness. Lead us, guide us, and make Your face shine upon us.

“Give strength and hope to those who lost their loved ones in yesterday’s protests. For those admitted to various hospitals, Father, we pray for their quick healing. In Jesus’ Name, we pray.

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