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Safaricom Showing Middle Finger To Sim Swap Victims, An Inside Job?

Loyal clients of Safaricom are frustrated by the telco over its rampant sim swap and fraud

by Guest Editor
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Safaricom has become a den of thieves, conmen and con artists who rob customers through daring sim-swaps with no fear of consequences. Is it because they are protected from within?

Taking advantage of Safaricom’s low regard for its customers’ complaints or feedback, the sim-swap conmen who appear to operate from deep inside Safaricom continue to make the lives of users miserable with their booming trade.

They swap one’s sim cards, empty their M-pesa accounts, proceed to empty the connected bank accounts through mobile banking, proceed to take mobile loans, go ahead to borrow from Fuliza and even proceed to ask one’s contacts of monies using the swapped sim cards.

Strangely enough, despite the money trail of the swapped sim-cards and even agent withdrawals of the stolen monies, Safaricom has never bothered to follow up and deal with its people perpetuating this con-game. Isn’t this suspicious? Instead, Safaricom works very hard to frustrate the customer who has been robbed by pushing them on a wild goose chase of visiting Safaricom’s offices that are overcrowded with customers begging to be assisted.

Eventually, one grows tired of queueing in Safaricom’s shops and gives up on the case.

Why would Safaricom insist on an affected client to make physical visits to their offices to be helped? Does it mean that the conmen who swapped the sim card visited their offices for authorization, or they work from within?

Previously, Safaricom employees were arrested as part of a Sim-swap cartel that had been stealing from Safaricom users, proving to all that indeed Safaricom insiders are part of the theft syndicate.


File photo: A Safaricom employee and accomplices arrested over sim swap fraud.

Whose interest does Safaricom prioritize? Is it the loyal clients who become victims of this heist at Safaricom and are forced to make endless and fruitless visits to Safaricom’s outlets, or it is the thugs that Safaricom has allowed to operate at maximum comfort?

See the sad story by a Safaricom customer who lost money through the notorious sim swap fraud games.

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