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CS Kuria Accuses The Media Of Working In Cahoots With Oil Cartels

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Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has taken yet another shot at the Kenyan media, now claiming that some are secretly working with cartels.

Kuria has been under attack for days now, after he used unprintable words against the Nation Media Group (NMG) over alleged bias.

He alleged that the media house is being partisan, claiming that as a result, state agencies have been barred from advertising with it.

On Wednesday, he alleged that some media houses are secretly working with cartels in the edible oil sector, hence the NTV’s recent expose.

Moses Kuria

“The reason there is an outcry in the media is that there is noise sponsored by companies that have continued to enjoy a monopoly and are using profits they have made historically to fight our efforts to bring down the cost of living. If any other company wants to import the same product it is slapped with a 35 per cent import duty whereas these people pay nothing,” Kuria, also a politician, alleged.

He was responding to Laikipia Senator Nderitu Kinyua over his recent clash with broadcasters, who have now joined hands in condemning his attacks.

“So the direct nexus between the answer I’ve given and the question by Senator Kinyua is that the media is working for these cartels who want to lockout everybody and keep prices high and will do anything possible,” added the former Gatundu South Member of Parliament.

But the remark angered house Speaker Amason Kingi, who told the minister to only say things he can prove and stop making reckless remarks.

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