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Sad Ending For Uhuru’s Era As Bungoma People Say They Are Tired, Command Him To Go Home

Bungoma residents want Uhuru to go home

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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DP Ruto began his campaigning in the western area, beginning his day in Vihiga County and then moving on to Bungoma after stopping in Kakamega.

DP Ruto was accompanied by a group of lawmakers that included Mudavadi and Wetangula, among others. Mudavadi told the people in Bungoma during their trip that Uhuru will quit administration in one month and fourteen days to come.

When Mudavadi said this, the people started chanting in low sounds saying ” aendee…. Aendee“. When Mudavadi heard them saying this, he asked them ” aende?”. It is at this moment is when the people joined in large voices shouting ” Aendee… Aendee” can be heard in the background stirring the people by asking them if Uhuru should go.

Kenya’s kwanza team was greeted with great enthusiasm in Bungoma County, where they were treated with great respect by the locals. As new information emerges, DP Ruto continues to have huge support in various parts of the country.

Wetangula had a chance to show DP Ruto that, based on how the people received him, he does indeed own Bungoma county. As Wetangula continued to address them, the crowd erupted in cheers and shouts.

According to Wetangula, the next government is tasked with repairing the economy and restoring normalcy. The crowd applauded Wetangula for everything he said, demonstrating to DP Ruto that they are indeed uniting behind the Kenya Kwanza team.


It was a memorable occasion when Wetangula listed the prices of things that had been raised by Uhuru’s government, making life difficult for several lawmakers. The turnout was huge, with the Sirikwa stadium nearly full to capacity and many struggling to see them. The Kenya Kwanza squad will continue revolving around the Western region so that by the end of the day, they will have transformed the minds of several Kenyans.

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