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Ruto’s Ally Claims Housing Levy Was Raila’s Idea

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Azimio leader Raila and President Ruto

President William Ruto’s decision to implement the Housing Levy is simply him giving in to one of the proposals Azimio La Umoja leader Raila Odinga has made, Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi says.

He recalls that Raila was the actual father of the idea, one that he is now fighting on grounds that Ruto wants to make it a law and force every Kenyan, including those not interested, to participate in.


Ahmednasir, a known Raila critic and Ruto supporter, says that therefore, Kenyans need to face Raila on the issue and not Ruto, while Ruto needs to laud the former Prime Minister for coming up with the idea.


“Kenyans please…please…give Hon Raila credit. He was always passionate about the Housing levy. President William Ruto must give credit where it is due. Raila is the father of this idea,” he said on Sunday.


He was refering to Raila’s remarks during former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s tenure that he would come up with a housing levy were he to win in last year’s presidential election.


“I have talked to the head of COTU, Francis Atwoli and he has assured me that they will cooperate with us, the Azimio government when we go into the office,” he said in Kisumu during the groundbreaking of Makasembo Estate where LAPFUND is set to construct modern houses.


Ruto wants Kenyans to contribute 3 percent of their salary towards the same. Uhuru’s government, on the other hand, had proposed a 1.5 percent contribution towards the same.

But Raila is now very vocal against the entire issue, as well as almost all the other proposals contained in the Finance Bill 2023, which he has directed his allied Members of Parliament to reject in parliament.

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