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Excitement After Ruto Speaks On Lowering Unga Prices

The president-elect spoke in Meru on Sunday September 11

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President-elect William Ruto has sparked excitement among Kenyans after reiterating his pledge to lower the price of maize flour which has hit an all-time high and made life unbearable for Kenyans.

Speaking during a church service in Maua, Meru County on Sunday, September 11, Ruto revealed that he had held extensive discussions with officials in the Ministry of Agriculture and resolved to first reduce the cost of fertilizers.

He noted that this would lower the production cost of maize and subsequently increase the produce of farmers.


President-elect William Ruto is welcomed by the clergy to an inter-denominational thanksgiving service in Maua on Sunday, September 11, 2022.

“Over the last four days, I have held meetings with the Ministry of Agriculture on how we can reduce the cost of maize flour. Farmers have been buying fertilizers at Ksh6,000 per bag.

“In the week beginning Monday, I will announce the new cost of fertilizers so that we enable maize farmers to increase their productivity. This will help lower the cost of flour, not just maize but also for all cereals,” Ruto explained.

The incoming Head of State affirmed that he would deal with cartels in the miraa trade and in the wider agricultural sector, drawing an analogy to Jesus whipping traders in the temple.

“I want to warn those cartels that immediately I am done with the swearing-in, I will crack the whip on them, whether they are our brothers or friends,” he reiterated.

Ruto intimated that he had a meeting with the Ministry of Finance officials on how to better the economy. He noted that the officials intimated to him that the debt status cannot be salvaged immediately.

Ruto expressed hope that the economy can be ameliorated by amending the laws to introduce financial reserves.

“They informed me that with the current debt situation, we may have no option but to keep borrowing. But I believe that we can recover our economy and the only way to do that is through inculcating a saving culture,”

“I have spoken to the taxman on how we can create such a reserve without straining Kenyans further financially or hurting their businesses,” he stated.

Ruto called on the leaders in government and those in opposition to perform their roles to ensure that Kenyans are freed from the burden of debt.

Currently, a 2kg packet of maize flour goes for an average of Ksh200, after a government subsidy that had seen the price of the commodity drop to Ksh100 ended.

Kenyans have received the news with anticipation, hopeful that their woes will end.

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