Home Politics “Bora Usiue Watoto Wangu, Lakini Mimi Na Wewe…” Ruto Sends Veiled Threat To Uhuru In Angry Outburst

“Bora Usiue Watoto Wangu, Lakini Mimi Na Wewe…” Ruto Sends Veiled Threat To Uhuru In Angry Outburst

The Deputy President appeared agitated as he blamed Uhuru for talking about him.

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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Deputy President William Ruto has lost control of his temper and gone ballistic at president Uhuru Kenyatta, even sending a veiled threat to the Head of State for allegedly threatening to end his political career ahead of forthcoming general election.

Speaking in Kapsabet, Nandi on Friday, Ruto dispensed onslaught to his boss and dared him to downplay his popularity especially in Rift valley region.

“And I want to tell president Uhuru Kenyatta, that I supported you when you needed to someone to support you, if you don’t want to support me, leave me alone. You shouldn’t be the source of threats in Kenya. Kazi yako ni kuhakikisha wakenya wote wako salama. Wacha kutisha wakenya. Sisi sio watu wa kutishwa” Bitter Ruto said.

Hitting hard at his boss, Ruto pleaded with the head of state to spare his family and face him off for political battle. He urged Uhuru not to kill his children and face him one on one instead of casting threats at him.

“Ati sasa wewe unaanza kunithreaten mimi? At utanifanya nini? Bora usiue watoto wangu, lakini Mimi na wewe… tuheshimiane” added Ruto.

Ruto’s unspoken words were telling, and indicative of a man who was short of sending a cold threat to the President in a charged campaign rally in his home turf.


Uhuru and Ruto

Uhuru is said to have convened a closed door meeting with major Ruto’s critics from his backyard at Nakuru statehouse and hatched mechanisms to counter Ruto in Rift Valley region at the expsense of popularizing Raila’s presidential bid.

According to the former statehouse employee Dennis Itumbi’s Thursday allegations, the head of state convened a meeting with Independent candidates and UDA rebels from Rift Valley and promised to support and finance their campaigns for various elective seats to counter UDA aspirants in the region.

Kapsaret member of parliament Oscar Sudi on the other hand revealed that president Uhuru Kenyatta offered ksh5M to each independent candidate in Rift valley and conditioned them to amplify Raila’s presidency in Ruto’s turf.

The latest turn of events in the Uhuru-Ruto split can only be imagined, but Ruto’s latest utterances send a shiver down the spines of many Kenyans.

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