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Gladys Chania: Marriage Counselor Now Prime Suspect In Husband’s Gruesome Murder

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Counselling psychologist Gladys Chania once likened marriage to chickenpox noting that “you are lucky to just have it once.”

Chania shared harrowing statistics on divorce ratings globally maintaining that 20 per cent of first marriages fail within the first five years while 48 per cent end up in divorce by the 20th year.
She explained that divorce and separation are emotionally difficult events for both parties because it brings about anger, anxiety, grief and fear but it’s also possible to have a healthy dissolution depending on your kindness and compassion towards each other.

Her advice though was “Do not take divorce as a battle if it can’t work it can’t.”

She adds that divorce is a traumatic experience for children though they adjust after a few years.

However, she said that children are better after a divorce than in a home dotted by conflict as parents’ quarrels put children at risk of psychological and social problems”.

In her experience, Chania said that common issues that kill marriages are adultery, political convenience, the feeling of one partner not doing enough to satisfy the partner financially or otherwise while others just grow out of love.

Nevertheless, issues that end up bringing down marriages, the psychologist contended, can be avoided if both parties communicate effectively and are able to understand each other.

Marriage is an institution and it needs a lot of commitment to grow it. It’s a process that needs respect, trust and a lot of time together to continue learning each other. Marriages need adjustment as we grow in them because they change as years pass by. If unsure of how to handle it, consult a professional marriage therapist,” she advised.

If only she put into action what she has been preaching, the murder charge glaring at her wouldn’t be here today.

If only she adhered to her own counselling that has for years helped married couples ….

Gladys was today arrested over her husband’s murder.

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