Home News Ruto Criticized as Fuel Prices from Uhuru Era, When Dollar Against Kshs Was 127, Resurface

Ruto Criticized as Fuel Prices from Uhuru Era, When Dollar Against Kshs Was 127, Resurface

Fuel prices decrease received with mixed reactions as kenyans bash president William Ruto

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Uhuru and Ruto during the handing-over ceremony in Kasarani
In a development that has stirred up social media, Kenyans have angrily responded to the sharp decrease in fuel prices announced by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).
The announcement, which came after a period of high fuel prices, has prompted comparisons to the fuel prices during the presidency of former President Uhuru Kenyatta.
During President Uhuru Kenyatta’s tenure, the Kenyan shilling had appreciated significantly against the US dollar, reaching an exchange rate of approximately 127 shillings to the dollar. Despite this, fuel prices at the time were still relatively lower than they have been in recent months. This has led many Kenyans to question the current government’s management of fuel prices, with some accusing the government of not doing enough to cushion the impact of high fuel costs on the public.
EPRA Boss Daniel Kiptoo

EPRA Boss Daniel Kiptoo

The today’s decrease in fuel prices has been met with mixed reactions from the public. While some have welcomed the move as a relief from the high costs of living, others have criticized the government for not doing more to lower fuel prices further. Many have pointed out that the decrease in fuel prices should have been more significant, given the current exchange rate of the Kenyan shilling against the US dollar, which is now much lower than it was during President Uhuru Kenyatta’s tenure.
President William Ruto has faced criticism from some quarters, with claims that his administration has not done enough to address the high cost of living in the country. However, the government has defended its actions, stating that it is working to implement measures to lower fuel prices further in the future.
President William Ruto during a past event

President William Ruto during a past event

In a statement, EPRA announced that the pump prices of Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene had been reduced by Ksh5.31 per litre, Ksh10.00 per litre and Ksh18.68 per litre respectively.

“The prices are inclusive of the 16% Value Added Tax (VAT) in line with the provisions of the Finance Act 2023, the Tax Laws (Amendment) Act 2020 and the revised rates for excise duty adjusted for inflation as per Legal Notice No. 194 of 2020,” read part of the statement.

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