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Inside Ruto’s Plan To Kill Musalia Mudavadi’s ANC Party

by KDB
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Details have now emerged on one of the real reasons President William Ruto is rushing to transform the Kenya Kwanza into a single party four years to the 2027 general elections.

The plans have been revealed by his United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Secretary General Cleophas Malala, who has revealed intentions to merge the 16 parties into one outfit.


He has revealed that one of the reasons is the fact the the coalition lost some of the seats it should have won in last year’s election, due to vote scattering caused by fronting many candidates.


Malala notes that the opponent coalition used consensus in some areas, enabling it’s candidates to take advantage of the many aspirants fronted by the Kenya Kwanza affiliate parties and secure wins.

“When you look at the cost analysis you will realise it’s not strategically right to have many outfits as we head to any elections. We are currently looking at the dynamics and that’s where things are heading as of now,’’ he has told The Standard.

The proposal is already being embraced by some politicians allied to the coalition, including those from the Western Kenya region, seen as the main stronghold of ANC founder Musalia Mudavadi.

Among those supporting the plan is Sabatia MP Clement Sloya, who says that that this will be the best move if the coalition is to properly deal with its opponents in the 2027 general elections.

“It’s encouraging that the party is open about the proposal at this early stage. At least parties under the Kenya Kwanza coalition have enough time to gather themselves and come up with the best decision,” he says.



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