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Ruto Ally Advises Uhuru To Ditch Jubilee For ODM

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Former President Uhuru Kenyatta will be better off in the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) than in Jubilee, EALA MP David Sankok has advised.

Uhuru is at the moment fighting to keep his leadership of the Jubilee Party, which is also being fought for by a rival team of former allies who have shifted their allegiance to President William Ruto.

But Sankok says that Jubilee is already dead and there is nothing much it can help Uhuru with, even in the event he manages to retain his position.

He has said that Jubilee was made what it was by its former members, led by Ruto, and their exit to form the ruling United Democratic Alliance (UDA) simply killed it, which Uhuru should come to terms with.

“When Ruto left UDM, it was dead, when Raila left LDP, it was dead, when Moi Kibaki left PNU, it became dead. It is now time that Uhuru knows Jubilee was as good as the people who were there — President William Ruto being one of them,” he writes in The Star.

Sankok, one of those who left Jubilee to follow Ruto to USA, says that ODM is stronger and bigger and Uhuru is better off there than in the dead Jubilee. He says that in ODM, Uhuru can regain his respect.


He has added that Uhuru can also opt to remain partyless and focus on his new mediation job rather than engaging in small fights that are only messing him up even further.


“The retired President should know that the choice of his friends also matters. Let him not flog the dead horse further. For him to earn respect he can just join ODM, which is a stronger party, or remain party-less and serve us in the East Africa Community where he is appointed to serve,” he further writes.

He has reminded Uhuru that there is no shame in one’s party dying after their retirement from State House, reminding him that PNU died once his (Uhuru) predecessor Mwai Kibaki left office.


Sankok has also recalled that KANU has never recovered after the late Daniel Moi retired.

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