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Kagure Urges Law Enforcement to Safeguard Protesters from Infiltrators During ‘Occupy Parliament’ Demos

Businesswoman Agnes Kagure calls for police' restraint as demos enter day 3

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Hon. Agnes Kagure, a prominent Nairobi-based businesswoman, has urged security agencies to protect protesters during today’s ‘Occupy Parliament’ demonstrations.

Through her social media accounts on June 20, Kagure stressed the importance of allowing citizens to exercise their constitutional right to peacefully demonstrate and present petitions to the government.

The protests are taking place in major towns across Kenya, just days after police struggled to control demonstrators in Mombasa and Nairobi. In those incidents, police used force to disperse crowds, resulting in injuries and widespread criticism.

Kagure emphasised that these demonstrations are not organised by political leaders but by ordinary Kenyans voicing their concerns.

Hon. Agnes Kagure during a past event

Hon. Agnes Kagure during a past event

“I call on our security and law enforcement agencies to rise to the occasion and offer security to the predominantly young protesters. They should be protected from infiltrators and not subjected to unwarranted lethal force as has previously been the norm,” she said.

She highlighted that the right to demonstrate, picket, and present petitions is guaranteed by the Kenyan constitution. “Every action we take shapes the future we are building as a country. Let’s act right,” she urged both the protesters and the security forces.

The call for nonviolent handling of the protests is particularly significant given the recent clashes between police and demonstrators. Kagure’s remarks aim to ensure that the demonstrations proceed without violence and that the voices of ordinary Kenyans are heard without fear of brutality.

As the ‘Occupy Parliament’ protests enter their third day, all eyes will be on the response of the security agencies. The hope is that this time, the right to peaceful demonstration will be respected, and the protests will proceed without incident.

Kagure’s message comes hours after Kirinyaga County Governor Hon. Anne Mumbi Waiguru also warned police against using excessive force.

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