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Raila Reveals Why US, British Governments Ensure He Lost To Ruto

by KDB
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Former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga claimed that his campaign was opposed by the international community because of his proposal to break up foreign country-dominated market monopolies.

Raila also noted that a British diplomat was actively involved in a plot to see his presidential bid fail. He further narrated that a former US President, who sits on the board of Smartmatic company that was contracted by IEBC to deliver election technology, was also hell bent on ensuring he lost in the just concluded polls.

“Our Election was not stolen by Kenya Kwanza Coalition, it was an international conspiracy involving Britain and United States. A former President of the USA who many Kenyans admired greatly was in Smartatic board,” he said.

Speaking at a book launch on Thursday, October 6 at the National Museum, Raila said that certain international monopoly capital had doubts about his ambition to make Kenya a manufacturing centre.

The country would be transformed into an exporter of completed goods, the High Representative to the African Union (AU) noted, eliminating the nation’s excessive reliance on imports.

Foreign powers apparently saw the agenda as a plan to deny them of raw materials from the country, despite the fact that it was better for the country because it would promote local manufacturing and output.

In support of his assertions, Raila pointed out that despite his camp raising concerns about the irregularities seen in the voting on August 9, major foreign communities stayed silent.

He called them out for praising Wafula Chebukati, the chairperson of the Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), as a hero despite the fact that four commissioners had rejected the final results.

Raila asserted that Chebukati’s actions would be illegal in other US and European nations.

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