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Raila Admits Hacking IEBC Servers, Sheds Light On AU Job

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Days after reports emerged that Raila had been kicked out of his African Union High Representative for Infrastructure Development job in Africa, the former Premier has broken the silence.

Raila Odinga, in an exclusive interview with KTN News, was asked whether he was kicked out of his AU job. He, however, denied the claims saying he was the one who requested Mr. Faki to relieve him of the duties.


He said the African Union job’s work had increased and he was also busy back in Kenya, hence needed to be relieved so as to concentrate on Kenyan work that demanded much from him


“I was not kicked out, That was a lot of work yet I had more work here. It was too demanding for me to travel each and every time for meetings all over the continent. I have worked for four years and the work out there and inside Kenya was increasing, I talked to Mr Faki in Dakar and requested that I be relieved from my Duties so that I can concentrate on work here at home. He wanted me t continue working but I told him I have a lot of work,” stated Raila Odinga.

At the same time, Raila admitted that his team hacked the IEBC servers after they were denied access by Smartmatic company.

According to Raila, their IT team did an ethical hacking of the servers, where they got the alleged numbers that Ruto got and him (Raila) got at the ballot. He said they compared the results with those from their IEBC Whistleblower and that they indeed tallied with those found after the hacking.

“Yes we hacked those servers, it is called ethical hacking, Our whistle-blower on the other side gave us their numbers and we compared it with ours and the numbers surprisingly tallied” stated Raila Odinga

He also maintained that they will not recognize the IEBC team that will be selected for office after the selection process. He said it is unethical for Ruto, who is a player to take part in the selection process, adding that it will not be a fair game.

“IEBC is like a football referee and cannot be selected by one team. We have said that we cannot allow Ruto to select referees yet he is the player. He took issues with IEBC saying Smartmatic company aided Ruto in stealing their victory” he added



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