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ODM Politician Reveals What Made Raila Lose To Ruto

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Azimio leader Raila and President Ruto

Norah Bosibori, a former candidate for the Dagoretti North parliamentary seat, asserts that Raila Odinga’s defeat to William Ruto on August 9 was due to overconfidence.

The Nairobi-based lawmaker claims that the Azimio la Umoja campaign lacked a strategy and relied on the “deep state” to win, in an interview with a local media station.

“We were just waiting for the system to deliver for us. Their strategy failed them big time if they had a strategy at all. I could not see any concrete plan for the presidential election. There were too many centres of power and sabotage within. There was no clear road map on what needed to be done to win a presidential election. Why would we dirty our hands when everything has been sorted by the state,” Bosibori said.

Raila Ruto

Ruto and Raila

The ODM politician went on to say that the coalition’s offices had been converted into clubhouses where members would gather for tea. Bosirbori also alleged that the coalition’s leadership dismissed her efforts to construct a data center for the coalition.

“I cannot get out of my house to go sit and have tea. Basically, all offices that ODM and Azimio were running were centres for people to take tea and bread and laugh before going home. Nothing concrete was being done within that framework. I did not see any fruitful engagement. We used to go to the orange house, no strategic engagements and no plans,” she added.

The youthful politician further accused Raila Odinga’s daughter for playing a role in her father’s-Raila lose.

She claimed that Winnie’s attitude did not settle well with most of the people.

” She had a cognitive bias of overestimating her capabilities. You can not be a master of everything. You have to delegate no matter how good you are. So then her condescending attitude had to rub some people the wrong way. Being the wiseacre that she is then, she had to undermine a lot of people to be able to get her things done. That cost the campaign because if you can not listen, then people let you do whatever you want,” she stated.

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