Home Politics Tension High As This ODM Aide Exposes How Raila is Being Stabbed on His Back and By Who

Tension High As This ODM Aide Exposes How Raila is Being Stabbed on His Back and By Who

Ugunja MP Hon Wandayi reveals that people around President William Ruto are blocking implementation of NADCO Report. He hints kenyans will have no option but to resume protests.

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Raila and Bodyguard walking

Ugunja MP Hon Opiyo Wandayi has sent shockwaves through the nation with his recent statements regarding the alleged backstabbing and betrayal within the political circles. As details leak from the Kenya Kwanza Camp, Kenyans are left wondering about the implications for the delicate balance of power.

The focal point of this controversy lies in the Ruto-Raila truce, which birthed the NADCO report. Reports, rumors, and suspicions have surfaced, suggesting that certain individuals close to President William Ruto are actively working to undermine this fragile alliance. The stakes are high, and the nation watches with bated breath as the drama unfolds.

In an exclusive interview with The Nation, Hon Wandayi addressed the growing tension. “Mischief from the Kenya Kwanza Camp is more than apparent,” he stated. “It’s only a matter of time before things explode, and the opposition will have no choice but to take decisive action.

Raila Odinga during a past phone call

Raila Odinga during a past phone call back in June 2022. Photo: The Star

However, the situation took an unexpected turn when the high court issued a landmark ruling. Both houses of Parliament were barred from discussing anything related to the NADCO report until a pending petition is resolved. The court’s decision has left politicians scrambling for answers and the public demanding transparency.

The burning questions remain: Who filed the petition to block the debate on the NaDCO report? Was the government aware of these developments? And what steps, if any, has it taken to salvage the situation?

As the clock ticks, the nation braces itself for revelations. The divorce between Raila and Ruto promises to be anything but amicable. Expect messiness, noise, and casualties as the political landscape shifts. Kenyans hold their collective breath, waiting for the next move in this high-stakes game of power and intrigue.

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