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Who Killed Ogolla? Mutahi Ngunyi Asks as He Mentions Ruto’s Name

Mutahi Ngunyi said Ogolla has been killed by Ruto's ememy urging Kenyans to watch spy movies to understand better

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Prof Mutahi Ngunyi, one of the celebrated political analysts has this morning left Kenyans with more questjons than answers when he implied the possibility that CDF General Francis Ogolla was killed.

Through his X handle, Prof Mutahi Ngunyi didn’t mince his words when he openly informed Kenyans that for them to understand who killed Francis Ogolla one must ask why and who benefited from his death.

The late CDF General Dr Francis Ogolla

The late CDF General Francis Ogolla

According to Mutahi Ngunyi, while the death of Francis Ogolla is being treated as accident, alot of things needs to be done as well as intense investigation to determine what went wrong.

“Who KILLED Gen Ogolla? Maybe the gods did it. Accident. Another answer to this question is SIMPLE: ‘Cui Bono‘ or Who Benefits? The one who BENEFITS is the Killer. Ruto is a NET LOSER here. Zero benefits. His Enemy (name withheld) is the BENEFICIARY. Look NO Further (Spy Movies),” Mutahi Ngunyi wrote on X.

Also, Mutahi Ngunyi openly affirmed that Pres William Ruto is a net loser in the death of Francis Ogolla and that his enemy number one is the net beneficially even though he didn’t reveal the names of the alleged enemy of the head of state.

DP Gachagua chats with Pres Ruto

DP Gachagua chats with Pres Ruto

Mutahi Ngunyi asked Kenyans to normalize watching spy movies so as to get a hint of who is always the organizer of such deaths and stop unnecessary speculations.

All the same, the late Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) General Francis Ogolla will be laid to rest at his family home in Mor, Alego Usonga, Siaya County on Sunday, April 21, 2024.

Speaking to the media, the family revealed that the late General Ogolla had outlined in his Will that, upon his demise, he be laid to rest within 72 hours.

The burial will be preceded by a memorial service at his local church in Nduru.

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