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Murathe Now Exposes Who Was Targeted By Uhuru’s Traitors Remarks

The Jubilee Party VC maintained that there is no way Uhuru Kenyatta would attack the former prime minister Hon Raila Odinga

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A photo collage of David Murathe and Raila Odinga

Jubilee Vice Chair Honorable David Murathe has finally vindicated a section of Kenyans who seemed to have been speculating that former President Uhuru Kenyatta was referring to his immediate allies who chose to break ranks with him and work alongside President William Ruto as traitors.

In his remarks on Tuesday, as reported by the Daily Nation, David Murathe openly admitted that former President Uhuru Kenyatta feels deeply betrayed by his once-close political allies, with whom he used to share meals in the lead-up to the 2022 general election, but who ultimately opted to betray his trust.

Moreover, Honorable David Murathe took the opportunity to provide further clarity, affirming that there is absolutely no scenario in which Uhuru Kenyatta would consider Raila Odinga a traitor.

Former ruling Jubilee Party Vice Chairman David Murathe

Former ruling Jubilee Party Vice Chairman David Murathe

He emphasized the enduring bond between the two, highlighting their long-standing history. Murathe even went as far as to assert that Uhuru Kenyatta unequivocally backs Raila Odinga’s candidacy for the AUC position, underlining that there hasn’t been a single instance of discord between the two leaders.

It’s crucial to delve deeper into this matter and consider various viewpoints before drawing any conclusions. One might argue that while Murathe’s insights shed light on the dynamics between Uhuru Kenyatta and his political associates, they may not fully capture the complexities of the situation.

Additionally, perspectives from other political figures and analysts could offer valuable insights into the broader implications of these developments within Kenya’s political landscape.

In essence, while David Murathe’s statements provide valuable context, it’s essential to approach this issue with a critical mindset and consider multiple perspectives to gain a comprehensive understanding.

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