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Polls Reveals Govenor Nyoro’s Popularity in The Kiambu Gubernatorial Contest

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Kiambu county has been the major voting block in the country. It has over 1.2 million registwer voters. Notably, there are several leaders who have joined the race for the top county elective job.

Despite the fact that out of the 5 competitors, 4 candidates are from one Political divide. This has placed Governor Nyoro at a high possibility of clinching the gubernatorial position with a big margin. In the last concluded nomination exercise by the united democratic party, they recorded a lower turnout of approximately 10%. This one raised eyebrows to imagine where the larger percentage amounting to 90% would throw their support ahead of the August elections.

Govenor James Nyoro has set a record in terms of development projects. He has been in office for tbe last 2 years after the impeachment of former governor one Ferdinand Waititu. Through his administration, Kiambu hospital acquired a commendable status. It is now an upgraded facility that deals with emergency responses and many other related diseases.

Nevertheless, kiambu is working with the national government to duel the road that connects the town to the Thika Superhighway.

Other roads being tarmacked and expanded are access roads that connect the town to the Eastern By-Pass road and the Ruiru-Githunguri road among others.

Nyoro has always maintained that industrialists are keen to invest in Kiambu town due to its proximity to Nairobi and Kenya at large.




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