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Mad man enters church during mass, beats priest mercilessly

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A video that has gone viral shows the moment a mentally unstable man stormed a Catholic Church during mass on Sunday.

He climbed the altar, interrupted the ongoing mass, and rendered the officiating priest speechless.

The man knock the Reverend father on his head and took the bible before walking out and screaming unintelligible words.

The priest and assistant priest both stood still and looked at the mentally challenged man in shock and confusion.

To watch the video click HERE


Only bring a rich man that can spend, our family is big – Grandma advises granddaughter

A grandma has been captured on tape giving her granddaughter tips on how to choose men that will be welcomed by the family.

She said that the young girl should only bring home a man who has money to spend because their family is a big one.

In a video circulating online, the elderly woman asked her if she is understands what is being requested of her.

The girl could be seen smirking and answering in the affirmative, noting that she has taken the advice.

To watch the video click HERE


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