Home Politics “Khalwale Anakula Kwa Azimio” Khalwale Stoned & Chased In Matungu After Suggestively Endorsing ODM Candidate

“Khalwale Anakula Kwa Azimio” Khalwale Stoned & Chased In Matungu After Suggestively Endorsing ODM Candidate

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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Political razzmatazz and melee ensued in Matungu, Kakamega county during senator Cleophas Malala and UDA senatorial candidate Boni Khalwale joint rally, on Tuesday 14th June, 2022.

The duo had camped in the constituency on vote hunting mission while wooing electorates to embrace their respective bids ahead of August 9 contest.

However, Khalwale broke the political ranks in Kenya Kwanza Alliance and suggestively endorsed Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) candidate for Kakamega gubernatorial contest, Fernandez Barasa, dismissing Cleophas Malala’s candidature.

Khalwale announced that Cleophas Malala, Fernandez Barasa and himself are battling for elective seats and the locals are at liberty to elect whoever they prefer as the best suited candidates for governor and senator.

“I am looking for an elective post, Malala and Fernandez Barasa are battling for gubernatorial seat too, it is liberty to elect whoever you prefer as the best suited for the seats. I am the best performer leader Kakamega county will ever have as the senator” Khalwale said.

Malala instantly grabbed the microphone and dismissed Khalwale’s remarks as he faulted him for allegedly being funded by Azimio – One Kenya allies to sabotage Kenya Kwanza rallies in the region.

“What is this one saying? He is confused. If he is being funded by our opponents to sabotage Kenya Kwanza rallies in Western region, let him come out and say it” Malala stated.

He also boosted of Matungu Constituency being his hotbed and Khalwale’s dismissal of his candidature will not jeopardize the bid to replace Wickliffe Oparanya.

“Matungu is my bedroom and whatever Khalwale will do to jeopardize my bid will not affect my votes as he may think” he added.


This prompted Malala’s support to stone and chase Khalwale from the rally, pelting stones at his motorcade.

Khalwale dropped his gubernatorial bid in favour of Malala after Kenya Kwanza consensus negotiations among the Alliance’s principals.

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