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Kalonzo Reveals What Will Happen To The Person He Had Appointed As His Running Mate As He Joins Azimio

Kalonzo says that Sankuli is going to right behind where he will be

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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Hon Kalonzo Musyoka of the Wiper Party has fired back at rumors and media claims that his choice to rejoin the Azimio la Umoja Movement despite his prior commitment to hit the ground running has strained his relationship with his prospective 2022 Presidential Running Mate Andrew Sunkuli.


The Man From Tseikuru has urged Kenyans to avoid taking misleading news from the Tangatanga and Kenya Kwisha camps, which are intended to confuse ahead of the impending 2022 general election, adding that Andrew Sunkuli has also joined the Azimio-One Kenya Alliance and that they will be campaigning for Raila.

Kalonzo Musyoka said that his brother Andrew Sunkuli will also be present. His appointment as his deputy was not just for himself, but also for the Maa community and other underprivileged groups.

However, Kalonzo’s remark came only hours after DP William Ruto’s Twitter camp claimed Andrew Sunkuli had severed connections with Kalonzo.

At the SKM center, speaking to a press of Journalists. For the sake of Kenyans, Kalonzo Musyoka has decided to withdraw his presidential campaign.

Andrew Sunkuli, Kalonzo Musyoka’s running mate, has been named. He boldly addressed Kalonzo Musyoka, telling him that he had no choice but to make room for someone else [referring to Raila Odinga].

On his side, Sankuli said that today’s action is reminiscent of Winston Churchill, who had to make way for Johnstone Cather. In real-life situations, one must prepare the way for others who are capable of doing it better. As a result, Kalonzo Musyoka had no choice but to back Raila Amollo Odinga.

Sankuli applauded his boss Kalonzo Musyoka for making such a bold political move. He hoped that this was going to serve as a lesson to those who have a desire for goods but are unaware that their time has not yet come. Sankuli uttered a very powerful speech as people listened.

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