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Goons Linked To Waiguru Attack, Injure Woman Rep Njeri Maina

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Kirinyaga Woman Representative Njeri Maina was yesterday injured after a meeting she was attending turned chaotic.

Ms Maina was attacked while on a meet-the-people tour in Kerugoya town when she was blocked by goons dispatched by Governor Anne Waiguru who wanted to bar her from addressing the people.

Drama was witnessed at the Kerugoya Police Station after two groups supporting rival political factions clashed, leaving Kirinyaga County Woman Representative Jane Njeri Maina nursing serious head injuries.

The Woman Rep, who was on foot, was in the company of Baragwi Ward MCA David Mathenge who was also caught up in the fracas.

Njeri, who is also a lawyer, had accompanied her client Baragwi MCA David Mathenge to the station to record a statement over allegations of vandalizing a county government water project at Mukandu-ini village last week.

Addressing the press after recording the statement, the legislator said she would represent the MCA if he is taken to court.

The leaders fled to their cars before being driven to Kerugoya Hospital where they were treated.

Speaking after the incident, Ms Maina said that she was attacked by people known to her sent by her political enemies.

“It’s people I know. I have bled but I will defend the people of Kirinyaga County. I have been elected here in Kirinyaga and people must get their rights,” she said.

Chaos began when suspected goons said to be aligned to Governor Anne Waiguru showed up to interrupt the presser, attacking supporters of the Woman Representative and the MCA in the process.

The over 10 rowdy youths threw stones at the lawmaker’s supporters and stole their phones, before they were eventually chased away.

“Why are the police watching from a distance when our people are being beaten by Waiguru’s goons?” Mathenge posed.

A second scuffle ensued as Njeri and Mathenge were walking with their supporters on the streets of Kerugoya town, when another group started throwing stones at them.

In the process, the Woman Rep. was hit with a stone and seriously injured on the head, upon which she was rushed to the Kerugoya County Referral Hospital before being referred to the Nairobi Hospital with serious head injuries.

“We are transferring her using an ambulance to Nairobi Hospital where she had been referred because she was seriously injured,” Mathenge said.

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