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Gachagua Meets Moses Kuria In Their First Faceoff After Online Clash

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Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria on Friday did not show any signs of bad blood despite their recent public exchanges and perceived enmity.

The two met on Friday while attending the burial of Mau Mau freedom fighter Field Marshal Muthoni wa Kirima at Kinunga Stadium in Nyeri County, as reported by Citizen Digital.

They warmly interacted, even though they have been bashing each other lately, after Kuria told Kenyans to prepare for even tougher times ahead, with regards to the soaring fuel prices.

Kuria also went ahead to tell Kenyans to accept the situation as it is, saying that those not happy with the government’s hiking of fuel prices are free to dig their own oil wells and access cheaper fuel.

Gachagua faulted Kuria for the remarks, condemning him for being ” insensitive and talking down on the people” who elected them into office.

Kuria hit back, saying that as minister, it is his job to tell Kenyans the truth.

“As Minister responsible for Private Sector mine is to advise business based on science not truthful voodoo,” in apparent reference to Gachagua’s new ‘truthful man’ nickname.

While visiting Kisii and Siaya Counties, Kuria hit back at Gachagua over his shareholders remarks, maintaining that Kenya is for all Kenyans and every part of the country is entitled to development.

“By the mere product that you have that can contribute to our jobs, our foreign exchange and our national GDP, everybody in this country is a shareholder and as I complete this programme you will see that we can all move together,” he said.

Gachagua has been claiming that Kenya is like a company with shareholders, and the ones with the most shares will benefit more from government, in reference to those who supported President William Ruto.

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