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Church-Wedded Couple Admit Why It Doesn’t Enjoy Bedroom Fire Daily

The lovebirds said with time, bedroom fire dies, and most couples only do it once a week in a month, joining their way nothing wrong with that.

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Kemmy and Sam, the beloved church-wedded and TikTok couple known for their humorous and relatable content, have opened up about their intimate life post-marriage.

The couple, who initially captured hearts with their entertaining antics, dropped a bombshell during a recent live stream, divulging details about their dwindling bedroom activities. Despite their church wedding and seemingly blissful relationship, Kemmy and Sam admitted that they no longer engage in intimate relations daily, as they did in the early stages of their marriage.

“It’s true,” Kemmy confessed, “the fire that once burned brightly in our bedroom has dimmed over time. We used to go at it like rabbits, but now, it’s more like once a week if we’re lucky.”

Their candid admission has ignited a firestorm of debate among their followers, with many expressing shock and disbelief at the revelation. Some have applauded the couple for their honesty, while others have criticized them for airing their private affairs in public.

Lovely couple having some nice time together

Lovely couple having some nice time together

But it was Sam’s colorful analogy that truly set tongues wagging. “Utaisha ukiifanya kila siku. Kuku inanona jogoo inaisha. First months mnafanya every time during day and night. Mnaenda 180km/h. Hakuna speedometer,” he quipped, drawing both laughter and gasps from the audience.

Translation: “If you do it every day, the hen gets fat while the rooster gets lean. In the first months, you do it day and night, reaching speeds of 180km/h. There is no speedometer.”

The couple’s revelation has sparked a debate about the realities of long-term relationships and the societal expectations surrounding intimacy. While some argue that their honesty is refreshing and relatable, others question the appropriateness of discussing such intimate matters in a public forum.

As Kemmy and Sam continue to navigate the fallout from their controversial confession, one thing is certain: their openness has sparked a conversation that shows no signs of dying down anytime soon. Stay tuned as the debate rages on, and drop your views in the comments below.

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