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Big Blow To Azimio In Kiambu As Gubernatorial Race Picks A New Angle

by Bruce Newton Mungai
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The latest opinion poll from Radio Africa has revealed of possible results in Kiambu Governorship race where we have many contenders including Wamatangi, Moses Kuria, Kabogo as well the current governor James Nyoro. The polls shows that if elections were held today, then Wamatangi would be elected with 25.9 percent, Kabogo at 19.7 percent and Kuria at 14.3 percent with others btrsilimg terribly.

Here is a link: https://twitter.com/TheStarKenya/status/1526463962430201856?s=20&t=5e_Vc1HaGat86MqEJGv2cQ

The poll that was carried by Radio Africa group confirms that if elections happened today, then Wamatangi would be elected governor though in a narrow margin in the Uhuru’s home county. The poll however confirms that the leaders who are in the lead are those in the Kenya Kwanza team as opposed bto the Azimio Governor.

The poll also confirms that leaders like James Nyoro are ranking very low in terms of being elected into office. The poll just confirms that Kenya Kwanza team will deliver the seat home though divided exponentially given the leaders are in different parties.

However as always, it’s a matter of wait and see of what unfolds finally in Kiambu County for it’s fact the battle is that of titans. If Kenya Kwanza will humiliate Azimio in Kiambu County as per the opinion poll, it’s all but an issue of wait and see for in politics any scenario is possible and pro.rrooFFr


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